• A guarantee claim is made by a customer when submitting an Eligible Quote (see clause 5) to Simply Automotive Pty Ltd (ACN 146 182 256) (‘Simply Automotive’) for a vehicle that is not excluded.
  • The on-road cost of the Eligible Quote (see clause 5) must be less than the most recent Simply Automotive quote for the same vehicle make and model (‘Simply Quote’).
  • The customer must state that they seek the guarantee in relation to the Simply Quote.
  • Subject to these terms and conditions Simply Automotive must offer to sell the vehicle for the Eligible Quote amount, less 10% of the difference between the Simply Quote and the Eligible Quote (‘Guarantee’).


  •  Clearly disclose the on-road cost (including but not limited to the following costs: factory accessories, GST, stamp duty, transfer and dealer delivery fees);
    • Be for a single new vehicle quote only;
    • Be provided from a Licenced Motor Vehicle Car Trader that operates as a new vehicle franchise of the vehicle’s manufacturer; and
    • Be in writing on the franchisee’s letterhead or in formal quote form.
    • Be for a vehicle that is readily available for collection within the calendar month of which the quote has been provided.
  • Only the specified vehicle make, model and type identified in a Simply Quote are eligible for a Guarantee.


  • No Guarantee applies :
    • If a claimant is a fleet or government purchaser, or otherwise has a special purchaser status that an ordinary member of the public would not have;
    • If an Eligible Quote incorporates a discount or offset:
    • otherwise unavailable to the general public due to a special status of the customer; and/or
    • incorporates a discount only offered for restricted period including but not limited to stock clearances, plate clearances, liquidations, and similar;
    • In respect of any vehicle once a contract of sale for that vehicle make model and type has been entered into with Simply Automotive.
    • If a Guarantee applies to a previous calendar month;
    • If in Simply Automotive’s sole and absolute discretion the terms and spirit of this Best Price Guarantee are not complied with.


  • These Terms and Conditions may be changed or varied at any time without notice by Simply Automotive at their absolute discretion.